My Week in Gaming 01

May 10th — May 16th

This week we got Destiny 2, Escape from Tarkov, and Sea of Thieves. I wanted to get some more Red Dead Redemption 2 in, but I didn’t really have time because I ended up playing a lot of Destiny. The first week of a new season is always exciting, and I usually end up playing a bit too much.

Destiny 2

It’s only the first week, but this season of Destiny is starting strong. If you don’t know, the Season of the Splicer just started, and the story is taking an interesting direction. No spoilers here, but I am really loving it. Hopefully, they can keep up the level of storytelling throughout the season. The six-man activity for the season is fun but a bit strange. There are some mechanics in the activity, but I still don’t exactly understand how much the mechanics matter. It’s nothing your team needs to do as a group, so as long as you have one guy who knows what he is doing, you are fine. So far, I have mostly concentrated on leveling up the system for the new activity and just leveling up in general. I haven’t really started chasing the pinnacle gear yet.

Escape From Tarkov

I got this game a while ago and played it a bit, but I am super excited to revisit it with some friends. My brother and one of our friends picked it up. At first, I was worried they wouldn’t enjoy it because of how hardcore and punishing it can be. I don’t think my brother likes it too much, but he is doing it more for research. It is definitely a different experience playing it with a team instead of solo. I am so used to just running in with my own plan, but now I have to keep track of two other players and figure out what’s best for us to do as a group. I also don’t want to be like, “Hey, just follow me and do everything I say.” looting as a group is probably the weirdest part in Tarkov. I don’t want to be too greedy and take everything, but I am used to just quickly going through loot and taking what I want. Having two extra players, though, makes it feel safer. It’s also nice to have two other bodies that can get shot first. I might actually start playing this game solo again too. I really want to get the Lucky Scav Junk Box again.

Sea of Thieves

I really thought I was kind of done playing this game because the friends I played with kind of fell off it and started playing other stuff. They recently picked it back up, which has been fun. I was a little worried about the battle pass they added, but I was surprised to see most of the rewards are in the free tier. There are some cool cosmetics in the paid tier. It might be tempting to buy into it if we keep playing the game. Tonight was raid night for us. I wasn’t actually going to join them at first, but then they messaged me saying they were doing a Fort of the Damned. My favorite skins in the game come from doing those, so I had to join in. It ended up being an entertaining night. We did three raids and fought some players along the way. I think the highlight of the night was when a boat was trying to ramp us, and I hit them with a cannonball that makes their anchor drop. So then they weren’t in a position to shot their cannons, and we sunk them pretty fast.

Thoughts on the Week

Overall, it was a pretty great week for gaming. I played a lot of games with a lot of friends. There are still a lot of single-player games I want to get to, but this just wasn’t the week. I am trying to get a mod to work with Red Dead before I start playing more. I was planning on writing a review of Creature In The Wall, but I didn’t get around to finishing that. So I decided to start writing a My Week in Gaming series to get some words on the page. Well, I hope you enjoyed the read!